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Bridge of Don Luis

The Luis I Bridge and Luiz I, popularly also called Ponte Dom Luis, is a bridge in metal structure with two boards, built between 1881 and 1888.
Turning the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia separated by the Douro River in Portugal .



Address: Luis I Bridge, Porto
Height: 45 m
Opening: 31 October 1886
Total length: 385 m
Contractor: Société de Willebroeck
Location: Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto, Porto
Architect Léopold Valentin


Stock Exchange Palace or Palace of the Porto Trade Association, in Porto, Portugal.

It began construction in October 1842 due to the closure of the House of Trade Exchange,

The temporarily forced portuenses traders to discuss their business in Rua dos Ingleses, in the open air.
With a mix of architectural styles the building features in all its splendor, the neoclassical nineteenth-century features, Tuscan architecture, as well as English neopaladiano .
Headquarters of the Porto Trade Association, now serves for various cultural events, social and political city. The Arab Hall holds the biggest highlight of all the rooms of the palace because, as the name implies, the stucco work of the nineteenth century labeled with gold Arabic characters that fill the walls and ceiling of the room. It is in this hall that takes place tributes to the heads of state visiting the city.


The Golden River is a river which rises in Spain in the province of Soria, the peaks of the Sierra de Urbião, GPS, to 2.080 meters of altitude and crosses the north of Portugal.
The mouth of the Douro is near the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.




Basin area: 98 400 km²
Length: 897 km
East: Sierra de Urbión
Foz: Atlantic
City: Porto, Peso da Regua, Vila Nova de Gaia, Valladolid

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